Lowering your electric bill is easy with On Call

Receive a credit on your monthly bill when you participate in On Call.  This program gives FPL the option to temporarily turn off the appliances you choose to enroll when energy demand is high.  You could save up to $137 a year even if we never need to turn off your appliances.

How On Call works:

  • FPL will install a small energy-management device on equipment you select – like your pool pump, water heater or air conditioner
  • We may occasionally switch “off” selected equipment remotely for short periods of time during extremely high electricity demand (most often summer afternoons)
  • You will receive a monthly credit on your bill, even if we never switch off your equipment – totaling up to $137 annually, depending on the equipment and program options you select
  • Safety is our top priority. Read about the measures we’re taking to keep you safe.

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There are two programs to choose from that will determine how much you'll save, the appliances you can enroll and how long enrolled appliances can be turned off.  


1Central electric heaters are only eligible for program participation only when at least one of the other 3 appliances is also signed up for participation.

At FPL, safety is our top priority

We’re closely monitoring developments related to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and taking appropriate precautions to protect the health and safety of our customers, employees, and contractors. Safety protocols are based on recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and in accordance with all state and local guildelines. 

Our Care Center representative will tell you about the measures we’re taking to keep everyone safe. The contractor dispatched to your home for your appointment will further explain our safety protocol along with how to complete your On Call program enrollment.

Contractor safety protocol includes:

  • Self-health checks before the start of each work day
  • Confirm no one in the household is ill or has been ill
  • Frequent hand washing and hand sanitizing through the day
  • Wear masks or face shields, gloves, and booties
  • Maintain 6 ft. distance at all times
  • Contractor will mark off their work space to ensure social distancing
  • Tools, supplies, and vehicles will be sanitized after each visit

What you can do to help keep our contractors safe:

  • Share any health concerns prior to your appointment
  • Wear a mask while we do our work
  • Maintain 6 ft. distance at all times

Frequently Asked Questions

When is On Call typically activated?

We typically do not activate this program during nights, weekends or holidays. Historically, the program has been implemented a few times per year in early to late afternoons on weekdays.

Who will install my On Call equipment?

An FPL-approved licensed electrical contractor will install the On Call device. Once you have spoken with an FPL representative about the appliances you'd like to enroll, the contractor in your area will call to schedule an installation appointment.


FPL-approved contractors:

  • Langer Electric
  • Strategic Energy
  • Scope Services

Do I have to be home for the installation?

Yes, someone over the age of 18 must be present at the time of installation. 

Can I enroll my A/C in the Cycle Option and my water heater or pool pump in the Extended Option at the same time?

Yes. The only exception is central heating. Your central heater must be enrolled in the same program option as your A/C if you choose to enroll both your central heater and A/C.  

What is the size of the On Call energy-management device?

The On Call device is a small, rectangular box that is approximately 7” x 3.5” x 8"

If I'd like to enroll just one appliance, is that allowed? Or do I need to enroll all of the appliances listed under each option?

You can enroll just one or all of the equipment listed under the Extended Option or the Cycle Option. The only exception is central heating. If you enroll your central heater, you must enroll at least one other piece of qualifying equipment.

I have two central A/C units. Is it possible to enroll one of them, or do I have to enroll both?

When you enroll your A/C in On Call, you are required to enroll all of your home's central A/C units to participate. Similarly, if you have two or more water heaters, we ask that you enroll each of them to qualify.

When will I begin to see a credit on my bill?

It takes about 2-3 weeks after installation for the On Call device to be enrolled. At that time, your credits for the On Call program will begin.

Why is my bill credit lower in the first month after initial enrollment?

If your appliance(s) have not been on the program for a full month or in the event of low premise energy consumption, an adjusted credit will appear on your bill.



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*Geographic restrictions apply to the On Call program. Not available in all areas. We’ll call you to confirm your eligibility. Once enrolled, you can cancel enrollment at any time.

This program is subject to modification or cancellation at any time without notice. You may cancel at any time by just giving us a call. Customers that discontinue participating in the program must wait one year to re-enroll.Savings may vary depending on the options you choose. During system emergencies (e.g. extreme weather conditions and capacity shortages as determined by FPL), On Call may be activated for extended periods of time, which may exceed your enrollment agreement. When you enroll certain equipment, all equipment of its kind must be enrolled. For example, if you have more than one central A/C unit or more than one water heater, an energy-management device will be installed on both/all of those types of equipment at your home.