If you are experiencing power issues, there are a few simple checks you can perform before calling FPL or your electrician. Sometimes solving the problem is simply a matter of keeping track of when problems occur and which equipment is affected.

Are your neighbors affected?

  • If not, check your circuit breaker, fuse box or main breaker before calling an electrician or FPL. Reset a breaker or replace a fuse.
  • If you live in an apartment building and only your power is out, call your building's maintenance person for assistance.
  • If your entire apartment complex's lights are flickering or out:
    • Call FPL at 1-800-4OUTAGE (1-800-468-8243)
    • Report the outage online

Does the problem come and go?

Look for patterns. More than likely something might have interfered to cause a quick on and off of electricity. Things that you may want to consider when looking for patterns:

  • Does the problem happen at the same time of day?
  • Is construction work going on in your neighborhood?
  • How was the weather?
  • Was there a loud noise outside the home?
  • Have you added any new appliances to your household?

Being aware of patterns can be a valuable tool for you, an electrician or FPL in finding the cause and solution to your power disturbances.

Is other household equipment running at the same time?

Find out if sensitive equipment is sharing the same electrical circuit as large appliances or motors, or if too much equipment is on one circuit. If so, relocate the sensitive equipment to a different outlet or circuit.

Has recent work been performed on your home's electrical system? Have you recently added new appliances or equipment to your home?

Check your installation manual, troubleshooting guide, or call the electrician who did the work to find out if incorrect installation, grounding or wiring is causing problems with other equipment in your home.

Is the problem happening with only one specific appliance or electronic device?

If so, review the instruction manual provided with the item to see if it provides troubleshooting tips or contact the manufacturer for assistance and advice with identifying the cause of the problem. Also, you may want to check to see if the equipment is plugged into a ground fault interrupt (GFI) outlet. Troubleshoot a GFI outlet.

Are lights in your home going dim or bright and staying dim for an extended period of time?

When lights in your home stay dim for an extended period, turn off major appliances and call FPL.

Is there static on your cordless telephone, radio or television when another appliance is running?

The problem may be electrical interference. Troubleshoot electrical interference.

When simple solutions don't work

Power outages and electrical disturbances can be caused by problems within your home, such as:

  • Circuit overloads
  • Electrical short circuits
  • Home wiring damage

If the solutions here don't work, or you suspect you have electrical problems at your home, contact a qualified electrical contractor or electrician. Friends and relatives are your best source for references.