FPL works hard to bring you reliable electricity with the lowest typical residential bills in Florida. The Florida Public Service Commission allows us to charge for certain services, which are only applied if you use the service or if you default on a payment. Charges include:

  • A service charge of $25.00 to open an account at a new construction premise, and a service charge of $12.00 to transfer, open or reopen an account at an existing premise.
  • A field collection charge of $48.00 is charged when a field visit is made and payment is collected on a delinquent account.
  • A late payment charge, the greater of $5 or 1.5 percent, is applied to any past-due unpaid balance of accounts.
  • A reconnect charge of $13.00 is charged for reconnection of service after disconnection for nonpayment.
  • A returned payment charge, equal to $25.00 for payments of $50.00 or less, $30.00 for payments of $50.01-$300.00, $40 for payments of $300.01-$800.00, and 5 percent for payments greater than $800.00.
  • A meter tampering penalty of $200 for residential and non-demand commercial customers and $1,000 for all other customers.