Smart meters provide important customer benefits, and that's why they’re now the standard meter FPL provides. However, if you prefer not to have the smart meter, you can choose to enroll in the Non-Standard Meter Option.

If you choose the non-standard meter (the older technology replaced by the smart meter), the benefits of smart meters will not be available to you, and you must pay additional fees to cover the cost of the non-standard service.

For more information about smart meters, read Understanding Smart Meters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why must you charge a fee to opt out?

There are extra costs involved in offering the Non-Standard Meter Option. A cost-based fee is the fairest way to allow FPL to offer this non-standard service to our customers who do not want the new technology. It would be unfair to ask the vast majority of our customers to pay for the very small percentage who have asked for an exception to FPL’s standard meter.  

What do the fees cover?

These fees cover the costs to:

  • Set up and administer the Non-Standard Meter Option for each customer
  • Make changes to our outage management and restoration systems to address outage and restoration issues that need to be manually resolved
  • Install a non-standard meter, if necessary
  • Modify the billing system and maintain the systems and processes needed to read the meter manually every month

I refused the smart meter but now I want it. Can I get it installed without paying a fee?

Yes. Please call 1-800-226-3545 and we'll schedule the installation.  

What type of alternative meter will you offer?

Customers enrolled in the Non-Standard Meter Option will be allowed to keep their existing non-standard meter. If a replacement non-standard meter is necessary, it will be a digital meter that does not communicate.  

Can I get an analog meter?

The industry phased out the manufacture of analog meters more than five years ago as more advanced technology became available. As a result, analog meters are becoming scarce. Digital meters have been FPL's standard of service since 2006. They do not contain any communication equipment and will be used in the event an analog meter needs to be replaced.  

Are there any other terms and conditions?

Please refer to Non-Standard Meter Option Terms & Conditions for complete information.