Is your bill higher than you expected? Billing and meter reading errors are rare, less than one-tenth of one percent, so be sure to check your energy use patterns to discover other factors that may be affecting your electricity consumption.

Remember, no two businesses are exactly alike and neither are their patterns of electricity use. However, if you do notice wide fluctuations in your bill, there are a few things to consider:

  1. Weather: For Florida businesses, hot summer months can mean higher electric bills. Learn more about low and no-cost options to save your business money during high-use seasons.
  2. Usage Spikes: Did a sudden spike in energy use bump you to a different rate category? Energy that gradually flows into your facility costs less than a sudden demand for energy. Learn more about demand charges and what you can do to lower costs.
  3. Consumption confusion: Is your energy use consistently high, is it slowly increasing or are you just not sure how to manage it? Time to call in the experts! Schedule a free Business Energy Evaluation and we will send an FPL Business Energy Expert to examine your energy use and create a detailed plan to help you save money.