The forms listed below are initially required by EMT to establish business relationships with prospective Fuel Suppliers and Fuel Service Providers, and thereafter, for updating information as changes occur. The IRS W-9 Form and FPL FEDI Agreement must be submitted prior to initiation of any business transactions. The FPL tax department email links listed below are for convenience in requesting specific tax-related information or documents.

Forms to be submitted to EMT

Counterparty Information Form
Revision #20140129

The CIF provides EMT with basic information about your company and key contacts to facilitate effective business communications. Submittal does not automatically qualify your company as an "approved" or "preferred" counterparty. Please forward a legible, fully completed copy as requested in Section A of the form and an additional copy to the appropriate Fuel Manager listed under Contact Us.


IRS W-9 Form

FPL must retain an IRS W-9 Form for any party to whom it makes payments. Please enter the number your company uses to report business activity on its federal income tax return and forward a legible, fully completed, signed copy to the Contracts Manager as listed under Contact Us.

FPL FEDI Agreement

Revision #20070101

FPL requires all counterparties wishing to receive electronic payments to submit this form. FPL's default payment method is by check. Please forward a legible, fully completed, signed copy as requested in Section A of the form.

Email links for requests to FPL's tax department

FPL's Tax Exemption
Send a request for FPL's tax-exemption certificate(s) or related information.

FPL's IRS W-9 Form
Send a request for a copy of FPL's most current IRS W-9 form.