Florida Power & Light Company is a regulated electric utility with facilities in Florida and Georgia.

Energy Marketing & Trading is the FPL business unit that procures and manages fuel oil and natural gas generation fuel supplies and fuel-related services for FPL's fossil-fueled electric power generating facilities.

EMT’s fuel oil and natural gas departments are responsible for:

  • Selecting Fuel Suppliers and Fuel Service Providers
  • Initiating required credit evaluations
  • Negotiating fuel oil and natural gas transactions
  • Managing storage and transportation services
  • Scheduling delivery of fuel to FPL power plants

The EMT Business Process Summary provides an overview of the key steps EMT follows in conducting its business relationship with Fuel Suppliers and Fuel Service Providers.

Prospective Fuel Suppliers or Fuel Service Providers are encouraged to communicate their interest to the appropriate EMT Fuel Manager (listed under Contact Us) directly by phone or e-mail or by completing and forwarding the Counterparty Information Form listed under Useful Forms & Links. Providing EMT with a completed CIF greatly aids subsequent communications.