Energy use can increase during certain times of the year for many common reasons, like warmer weather. But unique circumstances, like we find ourselves in today, also play a role. Understanding as much as possible about all these factors can translate into lower bills. Check out the videos below to better understand what impacts your bill most – and the actions you can take to save energy and money.

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Hot Weather

There are many factors that can affect your energy bill and hotter weather is one. Watch and learn how rising temperatures can cause your bill to be higher than normal, resulting in bill fluctuations. You can also learn how to make changes to save energy and money now.

Billing Cycle Days

The number of days in a billing cycle is another key factor that can cause an increase in your energy bill. Learn more about bill cycle days and how your meter read date varies from month to month, ranging between 28-35 days.

Other Factors

Additional factors, including unique circumstances like we find ourselves in today, can increase your energy bill, too. Shelter-at-home situations with kids out of school and many people working from home can increase air conditioning, hot water and appliance use. Watch the video to learn more about some of these factors.

Ways to Save

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    Review Your Energy Costs

    With the FPL Energy Analyzer, you can instantly see an itemized breakdown of your energy costs and take control.


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    Track Energy Usage

    Keep track of your energy usage with the FPL Mobile App. With features like projected bill, you can change your energy use before your payment is due.