"FPL’s nuclear plants deliver significant benefits for our customers by helping to keep bills low, our air clean and our grid reliable. But beyond these benefits, these plants are huge economic engines that support thousands of jobs at higher-than-average wages, many local businesses, and play an important role in the communities where they are located."

– Eric Silagy
FPL President and CEO

"Regardless of the economic ups and downs that the Treasure Coast has experienced over the last four decades, one thing that has been as reliable as the electricity produced by the St. Lucie plant is the economic benefits that are delivered to our community."

–Peter Tesch
Economic Development Council of St. Lucie

"I have seen firsthand how Turkey Point is a major economic catalyst for our businesses and neighborhoods. The hundreds of full-time, good-paying jobs provided by the site have a significant positive ripple effect throughout our community."

–Rosa Brito
South Dade Chamber of Commerce

"This study confirms that FPL’s nuclear operations are vitally important in strengthening the state economy through job creation, tax payments, and direct and secondary spending. In a multitude of ways, nuclear energy facilities and their employees are invaluable to the communities in which they operate."

–Richard Myers
Vice President for Policy Development, Planning and Supplier Programs
Nuclear Energy Institute

FPL Nuclear Operations

Our nuclear operations help us maintain the lowest bills in the state.

FPL nuclear plants support higher than average wages

  • Both Turkey Point and St. Lucie nuclear power plants directly employ approximately 700 full-time workers
  • These jobs are typically higher-paying than many others in the region
  • Employees earn more than double the average amount of other workers in their respective counties

FPL’s nuclear operations create a significant economic “ripple effect”

  • FPL nuclear plants stimulate a combined $1.2 billion of economic activity locally and contributes approximately $1.4 billion to the state economy each year
  • For every dollar FPL nuclear plants spend, the Florida economy produced $1.50
  • FPL nuclear operations contribute $70 million in local and state taxes
  • More than 5,800 direct and secondary jobs in Florida are supported by FPL’s nuclear operations

FPL’s nuclear plants are a key part of Florida’s clean, reliable energy portfolio

  • The St. Lucie and Turkey Point nuclear power plants together generate approximately 24 percent of FPL’s electricity
  • These nuclear units help avoid the carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to taking almost 3 million cars off the road annually