Driving sustainability with biodiesel blends for your fleet

At FPL, we are always challenging ourselves to change things for the better, like using sustainable and cleaner fuels to offset our fossil fuel use. Now, Florida businesses can purchase the same high-quality biodiesel blends that we use in our own vehicle fleet. FPL is now offering EarthEra™ clean biodiesel, an alternative fuel source that provides a reliable, cost-competitive clean biodiesel blend solution.

Benefits of FPL’s EarthEra™ clean biodiesel blends:

  • Cost-competitive with traditional ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel
  • No trade-offs in engine performance, fuel economy, horsepower or torque
  • Safe for all diesel engines with no infrastructure changes or vehicle conversion
  • Improved lubricity reduces engine wear, lowering maintenance costs
  • Reduces greenhouse gases by as much as 20 percent compared with petroleum diesel
  • Cleaner-burning replacement for traditional diesel
  • Produced from a variety of renewable resources

A demonstrated leader in biodiesel blends

With one of the largest "green" vehicle fleets in the nation, FPL is focused on making foreign oil a foreign concept. We began using biodiesel in our fleet in 1999, and currently, we use nearly 2.5 million gallons of B20 annually with a flawless performance record. With 1,750 vehicles in our fleet using biodiesel as the primary fuel source, more than 90 million miles have been driven over the last 15 years with no fuel-related issues.

Our commitment to biodiesel means a stringent fuel testing and handling program. Every supplier we use for pure biodiesel is BQ-9000 certified. Our fuel is blended onsite by our trained professionals, and meets or exceeds the parameters of ASTM D-7467 biodiesel standard (B6-B20 fuel).

Understanding your fuel needs

It is the quality of FPL's EarthEra™ clean biodiesel fuel that sets us apart from other suppliers in the industry. Through our in-house quality programs, achieving the high quality control we use for our own fleet has differentiated ourselves in the market as a superior blender of biodiesel.

 With EarthEra™ clean biodiesel, you can expect:

  • High-Quality Alternative Fuel: Our customers receive the same high-quality fuel that we use in our own fleet. Our biodiesel blends meet or exceed ASTM D-7467 standards.
  • Competitive Pricing: Leveraging our purchasing power, we are able to pass along savings and offer competitive pricing to meet your business' specific needs.
  • Reliable Supplier: Using biodiesel in our own fleet, we are committed to providing a reliable supply of clean and affordable fuel.
  • Industry Expertise: With 15 years of experience in the biodiesel industry and more than 90 million miles accumulated, we have the experience, expertise and resources to assist you with your alternative fuel needs.
  • Superior Customer Service: We are committed to making doing business with us easy and hassle-free.


FPL currently serves agricultural and commercial organizations with diesel vehicle fleets, including city and county services, schools, transit authorities, and other companies with diesel fleet vehicles. From our commitment to environmental stewardship to the superior customer value we deliver, being a clean energy leader is not just the way we do business, it is our business.

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