Pay your FPL bill by mail using a check or money order.

Important reminders when mailing your payment

  • Include the top portion of your electric bill with your payment.
  • Use the return envelope provided with your bill.
  • Make your check or money order payable to FPL in U.S. funds.
  • Write your FPL account number on the check or money order.
  • Do not send cash.
  • Do not include paper clips or staples.
  • Avoid folding your check.
  • Allow five to seven business days for post office delivery.

Standard mailing address

General Mail Facility
Miami, FL 33188-0001

Note: When you pay by check, you authorize FPL to process your payment electronically or as a draft. If your payment is processed electronically, your checking account may be debited on the same day we receive the check and your check will not be returned with your checking account statement.

FPL does not agree to any restrictions, conditions or endorsements placed on any bill statement or payments such as check, money order or other forms of payment. We will process the payment as if these restrictions or conditions do not exist.

Did you know?

You can pay your bill immediately for free by using FPL Pay Online or FPL Pay by Phone®.