What is FPL Budget Billing?

FPL Budget Billing gives you more predictable electric bills by evening out your energy costs over the year so you pay about the same amount each month. Benefits of the program include:

  • No more bill fluctuations during months of hot or cold weather
  • Easier to manage monthly expenses
  • It’s free – you pay only for the actual electricity you use

Enrolling in FPL Budget Billing is easy. Simply log in to our website and follow the enrollment instructions. If you are new, you’ll need your FPL account number and four digits of the Social Security number associated with the account to register.

Note: Customers with an overdue, unpaid balance are ineligible for FPL Budget Billing.

How FPL Budget Billing is calculated

  • Your monthly Budget Billing amount will be based on the average of your actual bills during the last 12 months.
  • We continue to read your meter each month. Your monthly bill shows exactly how much energy you use, the actual bill amount, and any deferred balance on your account.
  • Each month 1/12 of your deferred balance will be added (or subtracted if a credit) to your average bill amount and becomes your current bill – so your bills will vary slightly from month to month.

Understanding your monthly statement

When you enroll in FPL Budget Billing, you will receive a monthly statement that includes three amounts:

  1. "Actual Bill" amount – what you would pay on FPL's regular billing plan
  2. "FPL Budget Billing" amount – what you owe as a Budget Billing customer
  3. "Deferred Balance" amount – the cumulative difference between your "Actual Bill" and your "FPL Budget Billing" amount

 We encourage you to stay on the program for at least one year to realize the benefit and to avoid paying a high deferred balance.

There is no annual "true-up" period with FPL Budget Billing unless you close your account, you discontinue the program, or FPL Budget Billing is discontinued because of a past-due bill.

Did you know?

You can combine FPL Budget Billing with our other billing options, including FPL eBill and FPL Automatic Bill Pay®.

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